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Woman beats student before high school in Portmore

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The Bridgeport police are yet to make an arrest in a case where an adult female reportedly fought a 15-year-old student of Bridgeport High School during a brawl outside the institution earlier this week.

"The police are aware of the incident, a report was made on April 23rd by the girl's father. No arrests have been made because the police are still doing the work, the file is not yet completed, we need more statements and we haven't gotten the medical report," an officer told Loop reporter Claude Mills on Thursday.

Reports are that a fracas broke out at the school between the 15-year-old grade 9 student and another student from grade 10 over a Facebook post that was made by the 15-year-old about a recent beach trip.

The disparaging comment by the girl suggested that: "the only somebody else pon the beach trip poster look good a Hennessy”, and the offended parties reacted negatively to the remark, resulting in a flutter of heated exchanges.

Then an adult, believed to have been a relative of the grade 10 student, reportedly sent lewd and threatening Whatsapp messages to the grade 9 student, and upped the ante by ambushing the young student who was on the afternoon shift on Monday afternoon. The result was a hair-pulling, punch-throwing confrontation that drew a large crowd.

A video making the rounds on social media showed the woman punching the student and then sitting on top of the girl in the middle of the road.

Checks with the institution did not reveal much, as the Principal, Beverly Harris, was out of office, and the Vice-Principal, Marcia Palmer, was said to be unable to divulge any details to the media.

However, Loop News understands that three students were suspended for 10 days for their roles in the brawl, including the 15-year-old and a relative who had come to her defence, as well as the grade 10 student.


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