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Woman of unsound mind charged for hacking her daughter-in-law to death

Residents saw the bloodied body of Debbie-Ann Morris on the floor with multiple chop wounds.

The Westmoreland police have charged 50-year-old Simone Dennis, who is allegedly of an unsound mind, for the hacking to death of her daughter- in- law on Tuesday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as 21-year-old unemployed Debbie- Ann Morris of Pipers Corner district, Westmoreland.

Reports are that about midday on Tuesday,  residents spotted Dennis, who is of a Sweet River address in Westmoreland, entering Morris' house. Shortly after, Morris was heard shouting for murder but her cries were ignored by residents.

But the residents became curious and went to investigate at about 4:00pm, after they saw Dennis leaving the house and shouting: "Mi just chop her up".

Upon their arrival, the residents saw the bloodied body of Morris on the floor with multiple chop wounds.

She was taken to the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital where she was confirmed dead.

Dennis was taken into custody and subsequently charged.


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