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Young Mother Shot Dead By The Father Of Her Children!

A young mother affectionately called Crissy, was shot and killed by the father of her child late last night. Per reports, Crissy was killed because she wanted out of the relationship. After an argument between her and the father of her children, she left for home. He showed up at her house a short time later, where the argument continued. Her brother walked in during the argument.  The boyfriend was instructed to leave. Thinking that he would have left, the brother exited the room  into the yard. It’s was then that he heard the shots, ran back inside and watched in horror as Crissy’s lifeless body in a pool of blood; in front of her children. The police was summoned and the boyfriend took off running. Crissy was a twenty-six year old mother of two young children! 

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  • Ashley Added wonder why he ran
  • Simone Added A longtime him nuh mean the gal no good. I can't believe he kill her over jealously. This man live with white woman weh him mek a mind gim plus him have other babymother. While Chrissy pregnant with his child not one night him comfort her or stay by her. I hear bout him from strong source say him uh good. Dutty man kill the young green gal. Is just a pity she got herself in such unfortunate situation.kmt,longtime she fi leff him. I cant believe this shit! Illegal madda fucka how him get gun,wutliss,deh foreign how long and nuh sort out at tge time I knew him.Have white woman a pay fi cocky,head big and broad like...
  • Ginell Myers Added I knew him.. He was so kind and gentle.. But... Rip chrissy
  • Justice Added Amber was there, she should be charged jointly
  • Whitey Added Amber is the murderer your relatives because you sound hurt. What if it was you? Whether or not the news is accurate, he committed a crime and he will be seen as the bad person that he is. Go pray Amber!
  • Seeya Added Dem dutty man yah I feel d hands a one already but God speared me... Alleluia
  • ingrid Added Y is it when the relationship is not working out the way they want it to work they can't just go in peace the girl not suppose to find love again its really unfair to take a life because she doesnt want to b with u anymore some man feel like woman is their private property
  • cadesha Added 2 children motherless..I wonder if that solves his problem..
  • Tess Added Amber, why the hell are you acting like that? You sound like a damn pig.
  • Burghie Added RIP me friend may ur soul rest in pace

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