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Miss Kitty Vs Yanique , Cussing on Live Tv


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Added by Admin in Dancehall Fights Entertainment

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  • Babsy Added Yanique didn't say anything wrong. Miss kitty this is public TV keep ur mess in the dressing room.
  • Suzie Added Kitty a love yuh.. Lalalalalalalah
  • Kizzyevablessdiva Added Hoooops
  • Shelly-Ann Added Miss Kitty have so called education but don't have any class. All them big words doesn't make you educated boo boo. #justsaying #neverexpectyuniquefiansahar
  • sasha Added yes yanique tell her again
  • kim Added Miss kitty was disrespectful ... that didn't call for on live TV. .. you knew where her dress room is ...
  • hylton j Added Fire dem right now, mek dem an di stage managa pak dem bag an goooo!
  • lisa Added mek miss kitty move har bombohole an gwey, none ah uno nah go have somebody ah talk to uno inna poblic like dat an keep ono mouth close.. kitty neva affi cum address har in dat manner....mek shi go go fuck her self...
  • Nice nice Added Fi real man..why use this medium to air your dirty laundry ? Kmdt
  • Delimartash Added Kmt 2big woman acting like 3 yr old