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Plane with 50 Deportees from The Uk to Land in Jamaica


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  • Another Russell Added i wish this would encourage Jamaicans not to be foreign minded and invest in Jamaica not these foreign lands that don't like Jamaicans.
  • Added The real issue is this. If people do not sort out their papers, they risk being deported in any country.. The cost of naturalization in the UK is so much cheaper than it is in the USA...Some people, in my own family got caught out, simply because they felt they did not have to pay it...
  • Carla Simpson Added This is so not fair why
  • Added We as Jamaicans come here and buss our shut. do all the dirty cleaning jobs their people wouldn't do. the don't like us Jamaicans and every law the make goes against us we are hard workers. I they charge us Thousand odd pounds for buy their citizenship, and even if you child born here they claim they are of Jamaican nationality,

    I cant see the reason why we have to pay so much to naturalize, in this country,. my granny contribute a lot to this country she live here from in the 60's. Full time now something done. for the treatment we get here. it not easy here. they so do things under disguise. If you apply for job they want to know your ethnicity, I never know colour have anything to do with jobs. But let them go on there is as a BIG and Jealous GOD, watching and waiting to punish wicked people.
  • Troy Added There people on never did anything 60 85 year old woman on it never did anything the government Andrew get money from the uk if this him need a shot in him face but god not sleeping them love money too much and all them a do a mass up Jamaica more them time a come soon
  • Verona gayle Added Why are the Deported after living hear so long. The jamaican gorvement should send the plan back. The people didn't involved in any criminal offence the live and work hear for most of there life so why are they been sent back to jamaica
  • paulette Added This is so wrong the Jamaican people are some of the migrants who help to build this country England owes us a lot after what hey did to our country
  • jeremain Added What about them in the eu then no plan going back jus the jamaican black man pushing out the uk that need to stop
  • Shawna Added Send the plane black families are been seperated... Another chance is needed some are innocent...
  • John Christian Added Innocent Persons are never Deported from...Its the Hustlers, Scammers, Weed Dealers and the and the Ilegal Residents that are Deported..